Do it your way and raise funds for Cats Protection!

Friends can support you whenever and wherever, by donating securely on JustGiving online, on Facebook, on their mobile and, if you’re in the UK, by text message. Your fundraising story is unique. With photos, videos and text, you can tell it in your own way. What you're doing is amazing. Whether it's a triathlon or a cake sale, the money you raise will make a difference

  1. Make your page
  2. Share it with your friends
  3. Raise money for the South Wirral branch

Click here to visit the JustGiving site for more information

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If you don't want to set up a JustGiving page but still want to raise some funds for the branch 
We can provide you with sponsor forms so that friends, colleagues and family can sponsor you to raise funds for us. Perhaps you have it in mind to climb Mount Snowdon this summer, or you're planning a trip up to Scotland to bag Ben Nevis, or you want to walk the North Wales Path just for the adventure of it and to build up your fitness. You may as well raise some money for a worthy cause while your'e at it! 


      A donation of £5 could pay for a cats litter tray, scoop and food dish
      A donation of £10 will give a cat or kitten flea and worm treatment
      A donation of £15 will microchip a cat or kitten
      A donation of £20 will feed one cat or kitten for four weeks
      A donation of £30 could pay for a cat to be neutered
      £40 will provide a course of vaccinations to keep a cat or kitten safe from disease