If you are not in a position to volunteer for the branch these are additional ways that you can support us in our work: 
  • Support us on Facebook. The more friends the wider the reach!
  • One of the most important things you can do is to have your pet neutered and encourage family and friends to do likewise
  • Adopt one of the cats or kittens in our care. Not only are you giving a cat a new start in life you are making space to help another
  • Be aware of cats in your neighbourhood so you can identify and report a stray. If you come across a cat that is in trouble take direct action to help it, or call us for advice
  • Also check out the "Lost & Found" section in case your 'found' cat has been reported to us as lost. Also keep your eyes out for any cats matching the descriptions on this page
  • Microchip your cat. This makes it easier to reunite any lost cat with their owner and could save a lot of heartache if your cat does ever go missing
  • Become an Animal Advocate for Cats Protection. Click here to find out more
  • You can help us simply by doing your shopping! If you shop online, you can do your shopping with a number of large retailers with Easyfundraising. You pay the same price as if you shop direct with them but we get a commission. Cats Protection also has an online shop with over 2000 pet related products
  • Finally, EDUCATE. Teach the children to love animals and treat them with kindness. Teach them about neutering, the commitment and the cost of keeping a companion animal