Fosterer - Volunteer Role Description

Please take a look at the role description below and if you think fostering might be for you, or you would like further information, please email us or telephone for an informal chat 

How you will make a difference to cats and people:

As a fosterer you will be directly helping cats and kittens in need, providing them with hands-on care and working with others to rehome them - giving them a second chance of a happy and healthy life

What the role involves: 

•    Ensuring the needs of each cat being cared for are met appropriately, upholding minimum veterinary and cat care
     standards in accordance with Cats Protection’s policies and procedures*
•    Providing temporary care and accommodation to stray, ill or injured cats in a purpose built cat pen in your
     garden/outside space or in a designated room in your home
•    Cleaning of the cats’ environment and equipment and feeding and grooming the cats
•    Spending time enriching the cats experience in care, including, play, exercise, stroking and allowing quiet and
     relaxed periods
•    Administering of medication such as flea and worm treatments
•    Working and communicating effectively with volunteers, vets, and potential new owners

Skills and experience which are expected or can be developed in this role:

•    Basic knowledge of cats and cat care and an appreciation of hygiene standards
•    Patience, perseverance and empathy
•    Being level-headed and practical
•    Ability to work well in a team
•    Good interpersonal and observational skills
•    Good record keeping and administration skills
•    Most of all have a passion for giving cats a second chance in life by loving them until they go to their new home

Time expectation:
Time commitment will vary depending on the number of cats in your care but it is not unusual for a fosterer to spend 2-3 hours per day as part of this role

How we will support you:
We provide our fosterers with training and advice and they join a specialist group within the Branch who pool their experience and knowledge. All expenses, i.e. food, vet bills, litter, toys etc,. will be met by the branch

*These are Cats Protection policies and guidelines which have been developed with vets, staff and volunteers to ensure the welfare of cats and people. CP volunteers work in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and any secondary legislation or codes of practice introduced by parliament in due course

For further information about the Fosterer’s role please read the additional items relating to fostering and if you would like to join our team and help needy cats in the South Wirral area please contact us for an informal chat 

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