Ask Our Fosterers

These common questions we get asked from potential fosterers so who else is better to answer them than people who already volunteer to help cats in their area:

Which is best, fostering accommodation inside or outside?
Both ways of fostering has its benefits for you and the cats. If you have the option of both CP volunteers will discuss with you the benefits of each

What are cat care standards?
These are Cats Protection policies and guidelines which have been developed with vets, staff and volunteers to ensure the welfare of cats and people. They refer to the general care of a cat while they are with the fosterer, they are straight forward and there is plenty of guidance and training to help fosterers maintain great standards of care

What if I have other pets?
You can foster if you have other pets but all foster cats must be kept separately. This is to protect the foster cat as well as the fosterer's own pets. As rescued cats' backgrounds are often unknown it's important that all pets in the household remain healthy and we would recommend that a fosterer's own pets are fully vaccinated and boosters are kept up-to-date

Can I decide on what type of cat I want to foster 
Sometimes it is possible to specialise in the type of cat you want to care for; some fosterers prefer caring for older or nervous cats while others like lively kittens. However this may not always be possible. other volunteers will discuss the range of cats that are in need of help with you and decide on the best foster cat for you and the best foster home for that cat at that time

Who decides which cat comes into care? 
The Welfare Officers decide which cats come into care. They have to give priority to cats in urgent need and there is always a waiting list of cats. 

How do the cats get homes?
We advertise the cats throughout the local community and beyond, and there are a number of way we can match the right cat with the right person. if you foster with the branch and the cat in your care has been matched with a new owner you will be contacted to liaise with the potential adopter to arrange a suitable time for them to meet the cat(s). We always carefully match the right people with the right cat by asking a series of questions so you can rest assured that once you have cared for the cat or kitten it will be very well taken care of in their new home

What if I get too attached to the cat?
We know it is easy to fall for the cats, but fosterers remember that they are temporary carers. If you do want to adopt a cat you can talk to volunteers or staff and discuss what would be best for that particular cat. Most fosterers know that if they adopt cats their ability to help more cats decreases so are more than happy to be the temporary carers which are much needed

What about holidays/ breaks?
Fosterers liaise directly with other volunteers to plan and arrange holidays and breaks. We can make arrangements for cats to be moved to another fosterer, to keep your space free until you come back or are ready for another cutie

As a fosterer, you will be directly helping cats and kittens in need, giving them hands on care, and working with others to rehome them, ultimately providing them with a second chance of a happy and healthy life. You will provide temporary care and accommodation to stray, abandoned or injured cats in purpose built cat pens in your garden/outside space or in a designated spare room in your home. Cats Protection will provide everything required to care for the cats and kittens and there are no costs involved for the fosterers. If you need to use your car, a mileage expense is paid

A video about a fosterer's experience

If you are interested in discussing this role further, please contact the branch