Types of Fostering

fosterer and kittenFostering cases fall into the following scenarios:

o    one cat or a pair of cats
o    a pregnant female or a mother cat with her litter of kittens
o    weaned kittens
o    feral kittens
o    a senior cat

It is possible to specialise in the type of cat you want to care for; some fosterers prefer caring for adult cats while others like lively kittens. Some fosterers don't do feral kittens other fosterers do. Kitten fosterers need to be around much of the time to provide the care and stimulation that these little creatures need, but adult cat fosterers cn combine working and fostering without problem

There is plenty of support and advice on hand and you can take a break at any time, so are not committed 365 days a year. Even if you only look after a cat once or twice a year when a fosterer is on holiday this would be very helpful

Feral Kitten Fosterers
Feral kitten fosterers are specialised as these kittens need lots of attention. Click here to read about fostering feral kittens

Relief Cat Fosterers
Responsible individuals who can step in once in a while to give our full time fosterers a break; particularly when they go on holiday. This would be an enormous help to a cat in desperate need. This is not as big a commitment as a full-time fosterer, but still very much needed

Emergency fosterers
To take a cat in urgently when there is no other fosterer free, until a space becomes available, either for a few days or a few weeks

Our fostering team accommodates cats and kittens in the following ways

Indoor fosterers
An indoor fosterer sets aside a designated spare room for a rescued cat, or if preferred and there are no other pets, then the foster cat is given free run of the house

Outdoor fosterers
An outdoor fosterer has a specially designed outdoor cat pen erected in the garden. Each individual pen has a heated sleeping pod and a run area so will need a concrete base and electricity supply. The branch will arrange and pay for all the work. This is a serious commitment due to the cost involved

If you ever felt you wanted to make a real difference to an animals life, then please consider fostering. This is a very rewarding role that requires commitment. The satisfaction you get from helping a cat that has fallen on hard times towards a better future is immense. If you feel this role is for you and would like more information about becoming a fosterer for the South Wirral branch, please contact us for an informal chat

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