Recruitment Officer - Volunteer Role Description

Please take a look at the role description below and if you think the role of Recruitment Officer might be for you, or you would like further information, please email us or telephone for an informal chat

How you will make a difference to cats and people:
This role aims to help the branch to promote awareness of its volunteer opporunities and to recruit suficient volunteers to meet its needs

What the role involves:
  • To help the Committee recruit and retain volunteers for the branch
  • To work with a wide variety of local people and develop their enthusiasm for the charity
  • To work with a variety of local organisations to promote awareness of local volunteering opportunities with Cats Protection
  • To meet with potential volunteers, match them with suitable opportunities and help new volunteers to settle into their roles
  • To work closely with other Committee members to identify volunteering opportunities
  • To work closely with the Publicity Officer and other media volunteers to publicise vacancies
  • To attend Committee meetings as required
  • Most of all you should have a passion for giving cats a second chance in life
Skills and experience which are expected or can be developed in this role:
  • An enthusiastic and outgoing personality will be an asset
  • Administrative and IT skills
  • Good people skills and ab abillity to put people at ease would be useful
  • An understanding of volunteer recruitment
  • Access to email and intenet is vital
Time expectation:
This is a flexible role but a commitment of 2-4 hours per week would not be unusual

How we would support you:
Other Committee members will provide you support, guidance and direction to ensure that you have a positive, enjoyable volunteering experienve. Support is available from Headquarters which provides a wide selection of guides, ideas and templates. Also there is the opportunity to share ideas and plans with other members through CatNav (CP's Extranet website). This is a Committee role, which meets approximately every five weeks, allwoing opportunity to discuss and receive feedback

This is a Committee role which meets approximately every five weeks, allowing opportunity to discuss and receive feedback. If you would like to join our team and help needy cats in the South Wirral area please contact us for an informal chat