Trap-Neuter-Return Volunteer - Volunteer Role Description

Please take a look at the role description below and if you think Trap-Neuter-Return Volunteer might be for you, or you would like further information, please email us or telephone for an informal chat

How you will make a difference to cats and people:

The main purpose of this role is to participate in the TNR project by trapping, transporting and returning cats, in accordance with CP policies and procedures. This helps to control and keep a healthy cat population. It may also include trapping garden born kittens with their mum so that they can be brought into care. This is a key role within CP as feral and abandoned cats are a huge challenge for the charity

What the role involves:

  • To participate in the TNR project by trapping transporting and returning cats in accordance with CP policies and procedures*
  • Be part of a supportive and committed team of trappers who organise the work to reflect their individual personal committments
  • To work closely with others in your team
  •  To take the cat/s to the branch vets to be neutered
  • To return the cat/s to the place they were trapped once neutered
  • To trap any kittens young enough to a fosterer to be socialised

In addition, the role may also include:

  • Liaising with land owners, local businesses, farmers and local communities to promote the neutering of cats in their locality,
  • Working closely with the Neutering Officer and vets to promote and arrange neutering
Skills and experience which are expected or can be developed in this role:

  • Basic knowledge of cat behaviour as you will be dealing with stressed animals
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Good level of record keeping/administration skills,
  • Well organised and practical
  • Patience and perseverance, trapping involves long periods of waiting
  • Ability to deal with sensitive situations
  • Happy to work alone or as part of a small team
Time expectation:
This is often a short notice call to gather trappers together to attend to a stray cat or a mumcat and kittens or a colony of ferals. It is an extremely flexible role and the time involved will vary depending on the number of cats identified for the TNR programme. It may be just one domestic stray mumcat with her litter of kittens that can be trapped and taken to a fosterer or it may be a small colony of feral cats which will require going back and forth to the vet. You will work on an as-and-when basis lasting until the task is complete. This may be in one day or over a period of several days or weeks depending on the number of cats and their willingness to enter the trap

How we will support you:

You will work as part of a team with the support and guidance of other team members and the Welfare Officers. To begin with we will 'buddy' you with an experienced trapper while you learn the 'tricks of the trade'. You will need to have a car with a boot that can contain a trap

Cats Protection corporate clothing will be provided for all weathers and reasonable expenses will be paid

If you would like to join our team and help needy cats in the South Wirral area please contact us for an informal chat 

*These are Cats Protection policies and guidelines which have been developed with vets, staff and volunteers to ensure the welfare of cats and people. CP volunteers work in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and any secondary legislation or codes of practice introduced by parliament in due course

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