House a Mouser

feral catOccasionally we seek suitable outdoor homes for feral cats. These are cats which would rather not have human contact yet deserve to live out their life in a relatively safe and secure environment. They may be adult cats or older kittens which are past the stage of easy socialisation to the human home

Farms, stables and smallholdings could provide the ideal opportunity to give them a second chance and provide a useful service to the business; in fact, anywhere where there is room to roam and rats and mice to catch will provide working cats with a suitable environment. A pair or three feral cats can provide a very efficient and environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical pest control

These cats ask very little - shelter, a regular supply of food and veterinary treatment when required. Contrary to popular belief, regular food and neutering will not affect a feral cat’s desire to catch prey. Hunting is instinctive for these cats and it is a myth that if they are well fed they will not hunt. They need their food to ensure they are fit enough to be good mousers

If you have an area of land, away from busy roads with suitable shelter perhaps you would consider homing some outdoor cats. They would need a secure shed or outbuilding (with daylight) to stay in for a few weeks until they settle in. They will be veterinary checked, vaccinated and neutered before coming to their new abode

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feral cats feeding  feral cats sleeping  feral cat on wall