Help with the cost of neutering your cat

Tneutering voucherso make it easier for owners on low incomes to get their cats neutered the South Wirral branch is currently offering help towards the cost of neutering for qualifying cat owners, to financially assist people who genuinely cannot afford to have their pet neutered. This offer is available to those living in South Wirral. That is post code areas CH60-66

To be eligible owners should receive state benefits or be on a low income, students and pensioners or on housing benefit or council tax benefit

All you need to do is tell us their name and address and details of their cat and we will send you a voucher which you can take to a vet of your choice. The voucher is worth £40 for a female and £25 for a male

We can also help with the cost of trap-neuter-return work with feral cats. Please contact us for details