Speaking Up for Cats

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Speaking up for cats - what does it mean? 

Our Head Office Advocacy Team speaks up for cats and campaigns for change across the UK, by working with and influencing politicians and decision makers to create a better world for cats. There are many different fhallenges facing cats today, and part of the work of Cats Protection is to identify ways of achieving the best future for cats in a changing and potentially threatening world

Click here to read about the ways that Cats Protection, and the public who gave their support, has been a voice for animals throughout last year

This Advocacy work is supported by branch volunteers, each branch has an Animal Advocate and their role is to raise awareness of issues to our supporters locally and to the general public so you can take action, and to petition government bodies and organisations

 Into 2016 - Want to help?

We are building up a contact list of volunteer ‘advocacy champions’ and there are lots of ways to help whether it is letter writing, local knowledge or research or supporting petitions. To get in touch please email: advocacy@cats.org.uk

Click here to watch our video to see why speaking up for cats is so important