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Adopt, Don't Shop! Lucy's Law in effect.

13 June 2020
Adopt, Don Adopt, Don't Shop!

On April 6th, the government put out Lucy's Law to help stop Petfishing in England. This means that kittens can no longer be sold by third-party sellers (pet shop or commericial dealer) unless the seller has bred the kittens themselves. Instead, anyone looking to buy or adopt a kitten under six months must either deal directly with the breeder or an animal rehoming centre.

Deceitful pet sellers will often use a tactic to ‘petfish’ unsuspecting buyers, pretending their animals come from a healthy home, but the reality can be so different. These cats may have grown up in unhealthy, poor-welfare environments, being mistreated leading to severe medical and behavioural problems. Unscrupulous sellers can sell at high volume and make a great deal of money.

At Cats Protection, we always encourage potential cat owners to consider adopting rather than purhcasing a cat or kitten.

For more information and advice please go to www.cats.org.uk/buying-a-kitten