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Allergy Awareness Week April 22nd-28th.

22 April 2020
Allergy Awareness Week April 22nd-28th. This week it is allergy awareness. Whether you're allergic to your cat or if your cat has allergies, we must take care in alleviating the symptoms.

Common allergies in cats can be due to fleas, dust mites, pollens or food which can be displayed as a loss of fur and sores, constant scratching and hiding away. Allergies are not just limited to these as all cats are different and can sometimes have a number of allergies, a condition known as atopy.

Allergy testing for cats can be requested by your vet, this is not always effective and can be a process of elimenation which can be very costly.

If you are thinking of adopting a cat but unsure if you are allergic to them visting someone who has a cat or an adoption centre may help you indicate whether you are allergic or not. For some people it can depend on the type of cat for example long or short haired cats.

For more information on allergies, take a look at our video.

We also have a guide you can download here.