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How Will my Cat Cope after Lockdown?

05 August 2020
How Will my Cat Cope after Lockdown? I know that it's on a lot of cat owners minds (even mine!) about how our cats will cope without us around 24/7.

Since lockdown has eased and more of us are heading back to work, we don't realize the toll it may have on our feline friends. While cats perfer our company on their own terms, having us home for these 4-5 months has given them a new daily routine. Cats thrive on routine, so to ease them back into us leaving for work or school, we must start now in training them to be on their own again. 

Some tips to help ease your cat out of lockdown:

  • Install a feline diffuser
  • Providing calm natural supplements in their food (your vet can advise you on this)
  • Keeping them occupid with plenty of toys, cat nip, cat tree, and/or cardboard boxes
  • Maintaining a predictable routine (e.g. meal times)
  • Dedicate time to being with them when you are home

For more information on how to help your cat adjust to life after lockdown, please click on the following link https://www.thehealthypetclub.co.uk/cat-cope-lockdown/. It has great tips and tricks that every feline owner can use.