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Supporters like you give us the power to always say 'yes'

Harriet arrived at our Bridgend Adoption Centre after enduring a tough few months. She had been found by a member of the public after she had given birth in a shed.

Tragically, two of Harriet's three kittens had died - leaving little Harry as her only survivor.

She was taken to the vet for a routine check up where they noticed something was amiss. The vet suspected she had a broken pelvis but an X-ray revealed something far worse. Harriet's abdominal organs had been squeezed through a hole in her diaphragm.

Emergency surgery was her only chance.

We said 'yes' without hesitation and within a few days, Harriet was well enough to be reunited with her kitten, Harry.

Gifts from supporters like you give us the power to always say ‘yes’ to life-saving care, whether it costs a few pounds or thousands. A gift today could ease an injured cat’s pain, treat an ongoing condition or help us say ‘yes’ for the next cat like Harriet.

Please, give us the chance to say 'yes' to life saving care.

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