Success Stories - Misty

My name is Misty and, as you can tell, I have fallen on my feet here at my new home....

........Well, curled up on the sofa really.

My owners are over the moon with me especially since one of them had never had cats before so deciding to have one was a big surprise.
No one really knows my history and I can't remember.
All I remember is that I had a mum and then I was out in the cold on my own with no one to help me.

Next thing I know, I was safe and warm in a blanket being offered some food in a bottle which was almost like being back with my mum. I soon graduated to bigger and yummier things.

I was happily playing around one day when some people came to see me.
They were a bit shy at first and so was I.
They were very excited and were one of the first people who came quickly to see me after my photo was on the website.

They had a great time choosing new toys for me as they waited for me to have my first vaccinations and get microchipped not wanting to ever lose me again. I know they had carefully thought about the responsibilities and costs of being good owners.

So from the time I was seen to being in my new home was only a few short weeks.
Because my fosterer had introduced me to lots of new things at home, I was only shy for a few days as I got used to being in my new home.

Now I am confident and running around and playing and getting bigger.
I am anxious to go outside once I have seen the vet again for my 'little operation' and look forward to that next month.
My adopters are now definitely 'cat lovers' and would not be without me.
They even love the way I jump on everything and can tell where I've been on the glass funiture.

A success story for me and for them.