Success Stories - Tiggs

Dear Everyone at Cats Protection

I want to say thank you for all the time and love you have shown me since I was first rescued by you in 2009.

My fosterer was so nice and looked after me when I was a bit upset by the treatment I had received. He found me some nice people to go home with and I have been really happy with them for the last year and they loved me lots and lots.

However it seems the neighbours didn’t like me in their cars, houses, garages etc, especially since I didn’t see why I should leave when they wanted me to and I had to show them who was boss by spitting at them!! Apparently they were scared of me!! One man even  locked me in and kicked me which made be crosser and my people were very upset and had to call the police to get me out! 

So it seems that you and my owners put your heads together and worked hard to find me the right place that I could live where I could stretch my legs and my personality. I am now living in a very nice  farm in the countryside with sensible people who understand me. I've already sorted out the two resident dogs and can't wait to get out and explore.

Being cross about it  has got me nowhere but one of the dogs promised I could soon go out and play when they go out.

Meanwhile I have lots of company and help my new owner read the paper and watch TV. He has a very nice lap when I want a nap and they seem to like me making myself at home.

I've left you a few things that I won't need anymore and I hope that they can be used by the next cat that needs help like I did.
I’ll let you know how things go.

Thank you again for helping me find the right people when I’ve needed them. 

You seem quite good at it.

Purrs and pawprints