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A big thank you to Pets At Home!

02 February 2017
A big thank you to Pets At Home!

'Support Adoption For Pets' operates a partnership scheme which promotes the benefits of adopting a homeless animal to Pets at Home customers. A large number of CP branches and centres are now partnered with a Pets at Home store through the partnership scheme and have been raising awareness and funds in stores throughout the UK for the past nine years.

The partnership scheme offers the chance for branches and adoption centres to raise awareness and advertise for homes for their available cats.http://www.petsathome.com/shop/en/pets/support-adoption-for-pets

We attend dedicated fundraising weekends to raise awareness about St Albans Cats Protection and promote the “Adoption for Pets” charity such as the Big Cat Wkd (June) and the Santa Paws Appeal (December), and as a thank you they give a cheque to their Pets and Home partnered charities which comes to St Albans Cats Protection 

We are so happy to be partnered with Pets at Home who also provide palettes to us of food, cat toys, litter trays, scratching posts, cat beds etc which we are so grateful for and much appreciated by our foster cats!!

Looking forward to more fundraising in 2017!! If anyone is interested in helping fundraising please contact Sandi on stalbanscp@hotmail.co.uk