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Coco's Story

15 August 2019
Coco Coco came into care as her owners found themselves unable to provide for her needs.
Her eye was in a bad way when she came into care. She had a baseline health check at the vets and they advised her staying in to receive daily medical treatment and observations, in the hope that she wouldn't lose her eye. After 4 weeks at the vets she moved to her foster home. Despite everyone's best efforts, her eye wasn't healing and sadly she had to have it removed.
She is healing well physically, however is still in some pain and is rightly feeling pretty miserable. When she is physically recovered, we will be looking for the most perfect forever home for her. 
Of course, none of her care has been possible without the time and love of our volunteers and without a pretty big vets bill. Any donation you feel able to make would be very gratefully received in order to help Coco along her continued journey and to help countless others like her.