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Knit For Kitts

08 March 2021
Knit For Kitts
Do you have time to knit some CatNip mice for Cats Protection St Albans?  

We can then sell the mice to raise money, thanks to you!!

Are you a knitter?  Are you bored with knitting jumpers, cardis and scarves?!  Do you have some unwanted wool lying about?

Grab those knitting needles and Knit for Kitts this Spring (Summer, Autumn and Winter!)

If you'd like to knit some woollen mice that the branch can sell to help raise funds for the work of Cats Protection here is a copy of the knitting pattern.

Once your mice are completed simply email us at stalbanscp@hotmail.co.uk so we can arrange to collect the mice and stuff them full of lovely catnip!

------------ x -----------

Please use double knit or similar yarn, anything thinner will be torn apart too easily and much thicker will be too stiff.  We ask for two different colours, one for the main body and a contrasting one for the nose.  Please feel free to use whatever colours you want and think the cats might like.  Size 2.75mm / 10 needles (use 3mm / 11 needles if the end result it too small).  Standard abbreviations used.

TENSION Ideal length approx.  5"/12.5cm, width approx 5"/12.5cm at widest point.  Stitches should be fairly tightly worked.  Work in stocking stitch throughout.

BODY:  Cast in 9 sts. for tail end of body
Row 1:  Increase in every stitch knitwise (18)
Row 2:  Purl
Row 3:  (k1, incr. in next stitch) to end. (27) Work 3 rows.
Row 7:  (k2, incr, in next stitch) to end. (36) Work 11 rows.
Row 19: (k2, k2tog.) to end. (27) Work 9 rows.
Row 29: (k1, k2tog.) to end. (18) Work 7 rows
Row 37: (k2tog.) to end. (9)
Work 3 rows.
Leave approx 12" of main colour for sewing last row - use contrast colour for nose - knit.
Draw yarn through loosely, leaving approc. 12-15 inches for eye embroidery.

EARS:  (make 2 in either main or contrast colour)
Cast on 18 stitches, work 2 rows.  Last row: (k2tog.) to end (9)
Draw yarn through loosely, leaving approx. 5-6 inches for sewing.

Please stitch if you can, leaving the seam underneath for us to use to stuff the mouse.  Thank you.  We will sell these to customers for their cats, and the money raised will benefits the cats coming into our care.

When complete please email stalbanscp@hotmail.co.uk so we can arrange collection OR bring along to our homing days - look on our website for up and coming dates www.stalbans.cats.org.uk