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Moggie Monday - Milo

09 May 2022
Moggie Monday - Milo


Milo came into the care of the branch after he was advertised on social media.  Fortunately the advert was seen by someone well aware of the dangers of such a course and – at considerable expense - she purchased him and handed him over to the branch for rehoming.  Grateful thanks must go to her for her proactive and generous action.
Milo turned out to be a very sociable, lively and affectionate kitten and would have fitted in well with most households and also with other cats.  However, it was felt that one family who had applied would be an extremely good match for him – and so it proved to be.
As it turned out he became the first cat in their household for several of the family members – and to quote his new owner “He is just wonderful, the absolute perfect cat for us.”

Milo now has the run of his new house and he is VERY interested in venturing outside once he has been neutered in May. 

Congratulations on finding your purrfect home with your furever family Milo