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Mail on Sunday article - setting the record straight

14 January 2014
Following publication of a misleading and factually incorrect article in the Mail on Sunday on 12 January 2014 we would like to take this opportunity to put the record straight and reassure our supporters and the wider public of Cats Protection’s unfaltering commitment to cat welfare.
Cats Protection helps over 218,000 cats each year and has around 6,200 cats in care at any time. As the UK’s oldest and largest cat charity, we are extremely proud of our long-standing dedication to cats and of the tireless work our 8,500 volunteers and 400 staff carry out each and every day. Therefore it is very disappointing to see claims published that put the charity’s good work and name at risk.
One of these claims alleged that Cats Protection ‘puts down sick cats rather than paying vets’ fees’ which is extremely upsetting and totally untrue. Our cat-loving volunteers and staff never put a healthy cat to sleep. This is a vital, underlying principle for the work we do as a charity that cares passionately about cats. On the very sad occasion when an unhealthy cat has to be put to sleep it is on the advice of a vet after they have assessed the cat’s illness or injury, overall quality of life and future prognosis. 
The article also alleged that ‘vaccine payments have been reduced, so cats are no longer immunised against bacterial infection.’ Our vaccination policy has not changed and the vaccine we use is very effective and one of the UK's market leaders. We negotiated hard to get a better price to enable us to get more for our money and therefore enable us to help more cats. 
They also published a list of branches that were apparently closed. However, some of this information was false so for an up-to-date list of Cats Protection branches please visit www.cats.org.uk/find-us     
Unfortunately the article was prompted by two or three disgruntled ex-volunteers and we feel sad that they want to damage the reputation of the marvellous work of the huge numbers of wonderful people involved in our charity. Their action only serves to harm Cats Protection’s potential to help cats in the future so in the end it is cat welfare that suffers.

*Here is a link to the questions raised in the article and our answers to them: