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Neutering your cat

29 May 2022
Neutering your cat

Why you should neuter your cat ( Warning – graphic content )

Smudge is a long-term unneutered stray who has been around for at least three years. Two years ago he was fortunately befriended by someone who discovered he was sleeping rough and since then she has become his regular feeder.   In November 2021 he came through her cat flap and has been sleeping in her house overnight ever since.  He proved to be amenable to strokes and attention from humans – although he was not on such good terms with the resident cat!
Due to the fact he was an unneutered tom he very often fought with other toms and sustained some bad injuries last year.  Unfortunately, although help was sought and promised at the time, no practical assistance was forthcoming. 
Much as she would have wished to - his carer realised that when she moved house she would be unable to take him with her without creating problems for her own cat.
Fortunately – this time she contacted Cats Protection and Smudge’s needs were assessed by a volunteer.

Neutering was arranged and when a space arose he was taken into the care of Cats Protection.  He will now be up for adoption.

Important information about neutering:

  • Kittens can be neutered from 4 months of age ( they can already get pregnant by then ) Cats can be neutered at any age.
  • The operation is simple – your cat will usually be able to come home the same day
  • There is NO benefit to letting your cat have one litter or one season before getting them neutered
  • All adult cats from Cats Protection are neutered before being rehomed
  • There is lots of support for people concerned about the cost of neutering

Advantages of neutering:
As well as avoiding pregnancy, neutering your cat can be good for their overall health. For example:

  • For female cats - the chance of getting some infectious diseases, tumours, womb infections and other illnesses is also reducedand the likelihood of developing certain types of cancer is reduced in males
  • Neutered male cats are less likely to wander off and end up injured from fighting or stray from home. Male cats that are not neutered often appear frustrated if they don’t find a female mate and can spray in the house
  • There are thousands of unwanted cats in the UK already

So in order to avoid your cat becoming another statistic like Smudge PLEASE neuter them – help is available for doing so if needed.

And of course – as will be required soon by law - microchip