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A litter of kittens!

10 August 2019
A litter of kittens!

What have we been up to this month? Well just take a look...

August has been a hectic month for our volunteers. A feral cat was discovered having given birth to SEVEN kittens! After a arduous several days of playing 'cat and mouse', they have all been brought to one of our fosterers to join four other kittens for socialising and fingers crossed, eventual adoptions. After much hissing and spitting, they are very slowly starting to trust.

The mother of these little bundles has been neutered and released back into her environment. Unfortunately feral cats have little to no contact with humans and having returned to their wild nature, they cannot be tamed.

What makes a cat feral?
Cats learn what is normal at a very young age, during what is known as a 'socialisation period.' Between the ages of two to six weeks, kittens can learn to enjoy human contact, forming a bond and becoming great pets.
Feral cats are usually the offspring of stray, feral or abandoned cats and have missed out on this early experience, making them likely to be wary of humans.