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Please help Brienne to walk without pain

06 April 2018
Please help Brienne to walk without pain

Brienne, originally from St Austell & District Branch, has two dislocated knees which can only be fixed with complicated and expensive operations.  Without these operations she will have a lifetime of pain, at best suffer from arthritis, at worst have to have one of her legs amputated.  We do not want this for a gorgeous and very pretty 10 month old kitten so we are trying to raise £1000 to pay for her operations.


You can help by:

donating through JustGiving - www.justgiving.com/honiton-cats-protection-brienne

or by sending a cheque made payable to Cats Protection to:

Cats Protection, St Austell & District Branch, 30 Pentreath Close, Fowey, PL23 1ER