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Recycling for Good Causes - Round Pound Appeal

07 August 2019
Recycling for Good Causes - Round Pound Appeal

Do you have lots of old £1 coins lying round? Did you know these will no longer be legal tender after 15 October? Are you wondering what to do with them?

We’re working with our recycling partners Recycling for Good Causes to put them to good use and generate much needed funds to help the cats in our care.

How your donation could help
Every £6 donated could help provide a meal for 30 cats in our care so please donate your £1 coins to us now or after 15 October to help with our work.

How to donate:
Simply contact Recycling For Good Causes and they will send you a Round Pound Appeal collection envelope to put your £1 coins in that can be returned free of charge. Sign up for your pack online or call now on 0800 633 5323 (Freephone).