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Success stories


MiaMia is a bonnie wee white cat, who came into our care when she was found wandering as a stray heavily-pregnant. We were worried at first that she might be deaf, as some white cats are, but luckily this was not the case. A few weeks later she gave birth to 5 lovely kittens, and was a really good mum to them. When they were taken away she was spayed and, once a bit of mastitis was cleared up, she was ready to be rehomed.

We moved her to a fosterer where she could have the run of the house, and she settled immediately. After all she had been through, she showed no signs of trauma and was loving to her fosterer and visitors alike.

Amazingly, someone saw her on our website almost as soon as she was put on, and contacted us saying she had fallen in love with her photo! the home visit was carried out and the next day she was installed in her new home, where she has captured the hearts of her owners. Straightaway she was wanting cuddles, sitting on their laps (particularly liking a chunky jumper to snuggle into) and is now living a life of luxury! She even blends in with the furniture!

She was loved by everyone who met her, and we are delighted she is now being looked after so well, and loved as she deserves. What a sweetheart!


AlphieAlfie was a stray and was being fed by an elderly lady who already had several cats of her own. He was unneutered and was spraying in her house and upsetting her cats. She took him to the vets to be neutered and the vets were so concerned about his poor condition that they contacted us and asked if we could take him in.

The elderly lady agreed to let us take him and so Alfie arrived. He was so thin and had lost most of his fur through a flea allergy. He had been so itchy he had scratched and bitten all the fur from his neck down. He was a real livewire right from the start and kept his fosterer entertained with his antics, one of these being to sit on her shoulder and comb her hair with his claws! He loves people and when a family saw his picture on our website they fell in love instantly. They knew he was just the cat they had been waiting for. When they came to collect him he walked straight into the cat carrier and was off to his new life where he is very happy.


Dottie in her new homeDottie came to us when she had a womb infection and her owner decided to sign her over to us. After an operation for that and other vet treatment, she came into care and now that she was no longer in pain or uncomfortable, she turned into a lovely cat. When her blood was tested we thought she had a kidney problem, but a subsequent test showed that the high count was probably caused by the infection.

Her new owner fell in love with her at first sight, and she is now called Snowy and is living in great contentment. She has taken over the house and owner, and is sometimes known as the "Queen of Sheba"!


Novo came into our care when his owner became pregnant and had to move from Glasgow to stay with her mother in Dalbeattie, and she was not allowed to keep pets. He was a beautiful, laid-back cat, with a lovely nature and we thought he would be good with children. We were not so sure about dogs, but a family saw him in the Galloway News and were prepared to introduce him gradually to their dog, so we decided to give him a chance.

After a few days a volunteer went round to see them, and discovered him ruling the roost! He never turned a hair at either the dog or the young children and had fitted into family life as if he had always been there. They are keeping him in for 4 weeks to make sure he knows where to come home, but he is very interested in the birds outside already!