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End of year news 2013

25 February 2014
Once again we have had a successful year with our work with local cats and kittens - some facts are listed below.  We are a small branch, but we cover a wide area, both town and country, so there is always a lot to do! As ever, we couldn't achieve what we do without the help and support of a lot of people - volunteers, fosterers, members and, of course, those who adopt the cats and kittens we take into care, sometimes from dangerous or very unsuitable conditions.  Unfortunately, all this costs money, and costs of vet treatment, food etc is going up all the time, so we rely heavily on our fund-raising efforts and the donations we receive.  If you would like to join our membership scheme, please ring 01557-339233 or email stewartrycats@gmail.com.  Likewise if you want to make a donation (which you can also do online through this website) or if you would like to volunteer your services to the Branch - there are all sorts of things you can do, depending on how much time you can give.
  • Cat numbers - 133
  • Homing visits - 37
  • Cats/kittens homed - 51
  • Cats/kittens neutered - 189
  • Cats/kittens treated at vets - 115


  • Grant from NCC - £5000
  • Donations - £5,254.19
  • Membership subscriptions - £560
  • Events income - £4963.55
  • Adoption fees - £90 



  • Food - £871.79
  • Fostering - £822.46
  • Litter - 833.80
  • Vets' bills - £8092.77
  • Events costs - £1118.80