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End of year news 2009

18 January 2010

Each year the Branch has to submit an annual return to the National Cat Centre, our Head Office. We thought it may be of interest to you to see some of the main figures for 2009:

Vets' bills - £6,781.88

Fostering costs - £3,354.21

Travel & motor expenses - £867.02

Event costs & goods for resale - £1,148.10

Donations - £2,784.48

Subscriptions - £469

Grant from NCC - £6000

Events - £5,975.52

Collection boxes - £235.63

Homing visits - 59

Cats/kittens homed - 57

Cats/kittens neutered with Branch help - 114

Cats/kittens treated at vet with branch help - 131

Thanks to the help of our members and volunteers, we have been successful both in raising funds for the cats in our area, and in providing homes and treatment for many cats and kittens. The Committee would like to thank all those who have played their part, however small, in this success.

We also ran a very successful neutering campaign, where we paid the total cost of neutering for people who either could not afford to have it done, or had not got around to it! This will hopefully mean happier cats, and less unwanted kittens in the future.

We start in 2010 with a healthy bank balance, so we are ready to continue the work in the New Year. All funds we are given or raise through our various events are dedicated to the cats, and it is good to know that we can respond immediately to any emergencies that arise.

Many thanks to all involved - if you would like to make a donation, please click on the Donate button, and if you would like to become a volunteer or a member, please ring 01557-339233 or complete the form on the Support Us page.