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End of year news 2012

02 February 2013

We thought you would like to see some of the results of our work in 2012:

Vets' bills - £9,463.26

Fostering costs - £3,266.13

Travel & motoring expenses - £1,694.04

Fundraising costs - £857.58

Donations - £9692.39

Subscriptions - £364

Grant from NCC - £5,250

Adoption fees - £825

Income from events etc - £5,688.42

Gift Aid - £360.02

Homing visits - 52

Cats/kittens homed - 58

Cats/kittens neutered - 193

Cats/kittens treated at vet - 128

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have managed to continue our work this year, despite the increase in costs (particularly vets' bills). Without our volunteers and members we would not be able to do all we do, and we would like to say, on behalf of the cats and kittens, how grateful we are. Having enough money in the bank means that we can repond to emergencies as they arise, and also that we can properly look after the cats/kittens in our care (conforming to CP's Minimum Veterinary Standards), trap and neuter ferals, and carry out home visits so that our cats get the best homes we can find.

Once again we ran a free neutering campaign towards the end of the year and this was well-used, so happier, healthier cats and less unwanted kittens. We are aiming to do this every year, as we feel it has a definite beneficial effect in our area.

So we are grateful to all those who help out, and those who give financially in these difficult times. We hope to have another successful year in 2013, and look forward to seeing you at our fund-raising events, or even rehoming a cat or kitten to you!