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Abandoned Cats & Kittens

16 April 2015
Abandoned Cats & Kittens
St Neots District Cats Protection were called to assist when 7 adult female cats and 17 kittens were found abandoned in taped up boxes at the side of a busy road between Everton and Sandy around noon on Thursday 16th April. A lady saw a car further up the road pull over and drop off the boxes before driving off. Concerned, the lady pulled over to discover the cats and kittens inside. Sadly 5 of the kittens had passed away. The remaining cats have been taken into the care of St Neots & District Cats Protection, with two day-old kittens, being hand reared by a specialist fosterer. Since arriving, one of the hand rear kittens has passed away. One more female has given birth to three more kittens and another female is heavily pregnant with kittens due imminently. 

Cats Protection are urging anyone who might find themselves in difficulty with a pregnant cat, or female cat with kittens, to contact either them or their local animal welfare organisation or charity for help and advice. If owners decide they cannot keep their pet cat(s), then there are other things that they can do other than abandon them. Contact friends, family members or neighbours to see if they can adopt your cat. If you cannot keep a cat for veterinary or behavioral reasons then contact a vet first to see if they can help.

Cats Protection also urge owners to get their pet cats neutered. Just one unneutered female cat can produce up to 18 offspring in a year, or 20,000 descendants in just five years, so neutering will help prevent more unwanted kittens like these in future.  

If anyone has any information that can help identify the person who abandoned these cats, please contact St Neots Cats Protection on 01480 476696 or email stneotscats@hotmail.com
Donations of food, toys and other much needed items can be taken to our charity shop in St Neots
(directions here) or can be made via our Amazon wishlist here