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Behind the Scenes - Cats Requiring Veterinary Treatment

09 June 2016

Over the last couple of months we have taken in several cats who have been in need of expensive veterinary treatment. We wanted to share some of their stories with you so you can see where your donations go. If anyone would like to donate towards the treatment of these cats, you can do so here

  • Maisie was going to be put to sleep as her owners couldn’t afford treatment for a broken leg. She was signed over to us and we covered the cost of her operations. She was rehomed to a lovely family who are continuing her cage rest and we think she will make a full recovery.
  • A black stray with a badly injured tail was taken to a local vets, but no owner could be found locally. We have covered the cost to have her tail partly amputated and her ongoing treatment. When she has recovered she will be looking for a new home.
  • A very young female cat was found living outside with the worst case of mastitis the vets had ever seen. She would have been very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain. We took her in and covered the cost of her treatment. She is almost fully recovered and looking for a new home.
  • A cat due to come in for rehoming, went missing and returned with a paralysed tail, probably from a road traffic accident. We have taken her in and covering the cost for treatment. It is still early days, but there are signs she may be recovering some movement. She will continue treatment and cage rest and we hope she will make a good recovery.
  • A very thin stray was found needing veterinary treatment and a dental. We have taken her in and will cover all costs for her dental and ongoing treatment until she is well enough to be rehomed.
These are just the cats we've helped over the last few months. Our vet bill last month was around £2500.00 which included the treatment of the cats above as well as routine treatment of cats we have in for homing. If you would like to donate towards the care of any of these cats, you can do so here. Alternatively we are always looking for items to sell in our charity shop to raise funds for our cats. 

Thank you for reading.