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Feral Cat Colony

15 April 2015
Feral Cat Colony Feral Cat Colony

We have been asked to help manage a colony of feral cats on a smallholding in our area. Over the last few years the colony has grown to around 23 cats, which could easily double in the coming years if we don’t intervene. This week a dedicated team of volunteers have started the process of humanely trapping the cats, taking them to the vets to be neutered and health checked and then returned to site. It will take several weeks to catch all the cats and our team of volunteers will regularly be on site. It is a time consuming and difficult task, but essential for the welfare and health of these cats as well as any domestic cats in the surrounding area. The cost of neutering these cats will be borne by Cats Protection. 
Feral cats are classed as wild animals and are descended from domestic cats who may have been lost or abandoned and who were never neutered. These domesticated cats quickly revert to their wild instincts and any kittens born from these adults who are not socialised with humans within their first two months of their lives will likely become too wild to ever tame. We trap, neuter and return all the feral cats in the colony, taking in kittens who are young enough to be tamed and occasionally the odd adult cat who is friendly. The majority of the cats want no human contact and are returned to live in the wild. We promote feeding schemes so that these cats receive at least one meal a day.