Pets at Home Fundraising Weekend (Longton)

June 2016

Cats Protection are partnered with Pets at Home, and work with them regularly to raise funds.

Pets at Home (Longton) had a successful fundraising weekend in June. Three Cats Protection volunteers did a bucket collection which immediately brought in about £100. Customers were asked if they will pay an extra penny each time their bill totals 99p. Cats Protection receives these extra pennies! Promotional materials were also handed out on the day.

Our secretary, Sue, dresses up in a pink furry cat costume for this event and sometimes suffers for her stubborn refusal to change this habit - one day was particularly hot!

Despite this, one of the best things to have happened to her in the costume was when two lads of around eight and eleven years of age came towards her with their parents. The elder said ‘Oooh, can we take her home?’ Mum responded with ‘No, you have plenty of pets at home already.’ That left her smiling in recollection all day.