Latest success stories

Trish, one of our fosterers, says: Primrose after a cheeky night on the bedPrimrose was found in a field miles from anywhere. Luckily a couple who had a horse in the fields spotted her and made her a little box to shelter.  She was there for 4 months and then they contacted us as winter was coming and they were worried about her.  She came into me and was adopted by Rachel where she now lives happily, warm and safe.

Trish, one of our fosterers, says:

I named this lovely lad Cooper as he was living on the car park of the Co-Op supermarket.  It was a very busy road  and was a place where gangs congregated at night so he was very unsafe.  It took a few weeks to catch him (he even avoided the trap) but eventually the staff got him and he came into us.

Cooper on a lapHe growled at everything and everyone for several days and attacked the vet nurses.  It took many weeks to start to bring him round and eventually he accepted a little fuss but remained unpredictable.  I despaired of anyone ever giving him a chance of a home until along came Ian & Alison.

Cooper on a bedThey had previously rescued a cat from Tesco’s and Alison’s maiden name had been Cooper, so it seemed destiny that they should meet.  They were willing to take on Cooper and work with him even though they knew it would take lots of time and patience.  But just look at him in these pictures, relaxing on their bed and even sitting on Ian’s lap.  And it only took them a short while.  They are continuing the work with him and we can't thank them enough for giving this lad a chance.

Just goes to show there are some great people out there, who want to help difficult cats as much as we do.