Trixie's Tale - Looking for her forever home

Trixie’s story began for us when when our Welfare Team Leader, Alyson, saw a tortoiseshell cat on the side of a country road as she drove past.. She stopped and the cat jumped into some bushes. Alyson could hear some kittens meowing but could not locate them. She checked several times over a few days after that and found nothing.

Trixie 1

A few months later a young tortoiseshell cat turned up next to the nearby Island Pool pub at Cookley. A kind lady noticed her and began feeding her. She turned up at about 7 o'clock every day and the lady, Margaret, found her to be the most affectionate and loving cat who appreciated all the lovely food she was being given. This continued for some time and eventually Margaret realised that the cat, now called Trixie, was pregnant. She called Cats Protection and we were able to take this young queen into care. (The vet estimates her age at about 2 years.) A couple of weeks later Trixie gave birth to 5 kittens. The first was a little white male kitten and Trixie did well cleaning him up and started feeding him. An hour later another white boy was born but sadly was stillborn. Another hour later and there were still no more births so the foster mum decided to take her to the after-hours veterinary service for fear that Trixie was too exhausted to give birth to the remaining kittens. The vet gave her an injection to stimulate the labour and Trixie gave birth to another three kittens, all female!

Trixie 2

A few weeks later the foster mum noticed that one of the kittens didn't seem to be responding to sounds and sadly he was diagnosed as being deaf. On examination Trixie was also found to have a serious heart murmur, which required further investigation by the vet. Trixie was given a cardiac scan and found to have a progressive heart disease. Trixie will need to be on medication for the rest of her life and will need further scans at 6-12 month intervals. We are looking for an extra special home with no other pets or young children and a place where she can go outside and explore her surroundings in safety.

Trixie 3

Trixie has done a wonderful job bringing up her kittens, who are now going to their new homes. Despite being abandoned, and living in fear and danger for too much of her short life, she is a tremendously friendly cat. Very sadly she now has a life-limiting illness to contend with which may have been avoided if she had been neutered and fed good-quality food regularly.  It also cannot have helped her having multiple litters, stressing about her safety and needing to search for her own food. Please help this girl find her well-deserved loving home to live out the rest of her days.