Bewdley Arts and Crafts Weekend

We raised £256.60 at this 2 day event in Bewdley. The weather was showery on the Saturday and we had 2 major downpours; if we had had a pump it would have been all hands to it! As it was we managed to dry out gazebo and tablecloths etc. for the Sunday when the weather was much better. We were along the Severn river front and after a slow start we did well. Of course, without all the generous and talented people who made such beautiful craft items and then donated them to us, the Fair would have not been such a success, so a big thank you to them! Also to all our customers who were generous with their purchases and praise of our craft items - a very common phrase was "all the work that has gone into this!".

Many thanks to volunteers Ceri, Dot, June, Jan, Joyce, Sue and Gaynor for their hard work over this weekend ... Brilliant!