Bewdley Festival 29th November 2014

We made £105.85 at the Bewdley Festival on Saturday 29th November. We had a market stall so did not have to wrestle with the gazebo (luxury!). We had mainly Xmas gift type goods to sell and after a slow start (1pm) we had a mini rush after the parade through the town at 5.30 (complete with Santa waving from the chimney pot of a house) and then the turning on of the lights. There was a record number of stalls this year, 90+, so many in fact that not everybody got a stall - good job we booked early. The air was filled with the aroma of roast pork along with the usual burgers, hot dogs and fried onions and the sweet smell of candy floss, hot mince pies and mulled wine. There was music and carols and it was all very festive. So crowded were the roads with visitors that we got our very own personal police motorbike escort to get us over the bridge on our way home!