Stourbridge CP at Kinver Country Fayre Sunday 15th June 2014

These pictures were taken at Kinver Country Fayre last Sunday, where we raised a record-breaking £326.69! We had a tombola, raffles, C.P. merchandise, and "Guess the name of the cake cat" which was baked by Michele and raised £50.00.

Thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard to make it a fab day....... Alyson, Michele, Dot, Sue, Marie and Joyce.

Don't forget to come and see us in our ''home town'' - 6th July - Stourbridge Carnival.... Will Honey the cat be making an appearance? Come and find out!

Pauline, Co-ordinator.

[The first two pictures show the stall with the ever cheerful CP volunteers, the third the Cat Cake and the fourth the winner of the cake, Joan Ford, holding her prize.]

Stourbridge CP at Kinver Fayre 2014 - 1Stourbridge CP at Kinver Fayre 2014 - 2Stourbridge CP at Kinver Fayre 2014 The Cat Cake - 3Stourbridge CP at Kinver Fayre 2014 Cat Cake Winner Joan Ford - 4