A heart warming tale for Xmas - Big Dave

Here's a heart-warming tale for Christmas, that shows that there's someone out there for every cat, however disadvantaged:

"This is Big Dave.  He is a 4 year old large black cat who came into our care after straying for a while until we trapped him.  He went into the vets for his blood test and, unfortunately, was found to have the FIV virus.  So he had a lot against him; he was black (not a popular colour, though we never know why), he was an adult, he was a large male and now he had FIV so would have to live as an indoor cat.  Things looked bleak for poor old Dave and we wondered if anyone would ever give him a home.  He stayed with us for 3 months until along came a wonderful, caring lady who met him and fell head over heels for him.

Big Dave 1

She was an experienced cat owner who was looking for an indoor cat and, when they met, they hit it off straight away.  In the pictures he had only been with her for a couple of days and already he was fully relaxed and lying beside her or in her lap whenever he got the chance. She says he is “a beautiful, most magical soul and they are in love”.

Big Dave 2

It just goes to show there’s someone for every cat and strays very often make the most grateful and loving companions when they find the right home.  Big Dave is spending Christmas in a warm and loving home with loads of food and love.
Happy Christmas my little man and big hugs to your fantastic new owner. xx"