Happy #InternationalNinjaDay to all those furry little ninjas

5th December - Happy #InternationalNinjaDay to all those furry little ninjas that tear around the house at 3am! Perhaps your Kung Fu kitty has been known to knock all the decorative ornaments off the shelves or maybe they want to practice their play fighting with you at the most inconvenient of times.

Poppy and Fliss were adopted from Cats Protection this summer.

Poppy and Fliss as young kittens:

Fliss and Poppy

Their adopter said: “Poppy and Fliss are now just over 8 months old and a pair of adorable scamps - this year, the tree is locked in the porch but ‘someone’ still managed to torture some of our decorations...but who is guilty?”

Scoping out the Carrot family - we fear for them next!

Poppy started with the youngest carrot first:

The Mermaid on the Mirror - murder most  foul!