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Stourbridge CP helps Welsh cats!

16 April 2015
Stourbridge CP helps Welsh cats! On Saturday 28th March Pauline, our Volunteer Branch Co ordinator, travelled over to Wales with Helen Parkes – Regional Development Manager – to deliver our old branch van (with the help of Mary Wood).  We decided to donate this van to our colleagues at Cats Protection Carmarthenshire Branch. They have to use their own cars to transport cats to vets and to deliver cats to their new homes when they have been adopted. We at Stourbridge Branch are lucky enough to have a shop to assist and help fund our work but other branches are not so lucky. We as a branch took a long time to decide which other branch we wanted to help but after lots of conversations in branch decided to help our Welsh buddies in Carmarthenshire.

Along with the donation of our van, we also gave some cat food and a donation of £500.00 to help with the running costs of the van.

Good wishes to our new friends at Carmarthenshire Cats Protection – and keep up the good work!

The picture shows Pauline handing over the cheque and keys to the van to Carmarthenshire CP volunteers Alison Thomas and Patrick Willey. (This picture and also a picture of the van can be found on Carmarthenshire CP's Facebook posting: https://www.facebook.com/CPCarmarthenshire/posts/702240693218377 )