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UK cat owners struggle to recognise signs of stress

03 November 2014
UK cat owners struggle to recognise signs of stress New research conducted by Cats Protection shows that cat owners in the UK find it difficult to recognise signs of stress in their pets and what to do about it.

More than half of cat owners questioned said that to calm their stressed cat, they would give it a cuddle.
Cat’s Protection’s Behaviour Manager, Nicky Trevorrow says “Being held or stroked for too long can be very stressful for some cats. Space and peace is often what they need – they’re not small furry humans so what would comfort us won’t necessarily comfort them.” 

More than half of owners surveyed did not know that living with another cat or dog could be stressful for their pet, while only a quarter knew that regularly grooming a particular area was also an indication of stress. 

Cat owners who want to understand more about feline behaviour can access our free online learning tool called Understanding Feline Origins

Nicky will also host a live Q&A session on our Facebook page, answering cat owners’ questions about stress, on Friday 3 October at 11.30am. Join the conversation at www.facebook.com/catsprotection

Photo credit: mssarakelly via flickr.com