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Black Cats and Fireworks

10 September 2017

Would you like a FREE story and craft session in the October Half term? • Find out the myths surrounding black cats and why they are the hardest to home. • Learn how to keep your cats safe and happy during the firework season. • Join in for a themed craft and a story. Book now to avoid disappointment! (Open to libraries, community groups and out of school clubs - also available for adults upon request) For further information please contact: T: 07972658383 E: ...

Continued concern about missing cats in Stranraer

12 July 2014

We have been concerned for some time about the number of cats reported missing in the Stranraer area. Last year saw a rapid increase and it was suspected that two unsavoury characters were stealing them for ill gains. We had discussions with the police and were given the impression that a file would be kept on the subject. However, one year on and the number of cats missing has risen again in Stranraer. I have had upsetting reports from members of the public ...

Food Donations at Morrison's

30 April 2014

For those of you who have been generous enough to donate food into our bin at Morrison's, you will have noticed the bin has recently gone missing. Morrison's are still collecting food on our behalf, but due to de-cluttering their front of shop they are only putting one charity bin out at a time. Each charity will get a 2 week rotation to be at front of shop. However, you are still able to donate to us at any time, if our bin is not out, then please give your...