Newtonmore Highland Games

Stathspey Branch had a fantastic day at Newtonmore Highland Games!
The kilts were swirling and the pipes were skirling and Cats Protection were there to see it all in some (rare) blazing Highland sunshine!

The Newtonmore games first started in1945 when they took place in a small enclosure on the golf course next to the 17th hole! now a large annual event they attract visitors from all over the world to attend the games and the annual Clan Macpherson Rally.

There were indeed accents to be heard from all four corners of the globe and we were delighted to speak with cat lovers from several different countries including a lady who volunteers for a cats protection organisation in New Zealand!

The games include the old favourite 'heavy' events - the hammer, caber and weight over the bar.  The young people's highland dancing and piping events and the ever popular tug-o-war (with teams in kilts - always an interesting one to watch!)

A key part of the games are the running events with the highlight being the Creag Dhubh Hill Race where 200+ competitors run 4.5 miles with a vertical ascent of 200ft! you can see them clearly from the field looking like ants on the hill!

The record time for this race is an unbelievable 27mins and 7seconds - needless to say us (ever so sligthly more mature) Strathspey Branch volunteers opted for the more sedate way of raising funds and awareness by manning a stand in the show fair.
We had a very successful day and plan to be back on the field for the games next August.