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Keeping your feline friend amused

01 August 2016
Keeping your feline friend amused Most cats enjoy a good play, and while there are a huge range of cats toys on the market, sometimes simple is best.

Many cats enjoy batting a small ball of tinfoil across the floor.

A couple of empty toilet roll tubes cut in half and taped together, with a few treats hidden inside (smellier the better!) make a good game.

And of course, the nations favourite carboard box!  An empty box will keep a cat amused or provide a good snoozing spot.

Keeping things more interesting by having 2 or 3 sets of toys that you swap each set in/out of use on a weekly basis so your cat has new things to explore and won't get bored of the same old toys.

Sadly many cats have never been taught to play, so you may have to spend some time with them to show them how its done, before you can expect a cat to play independently.