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No pussy-footing around – neuter now!


Did you know a female cat, in just 5 years, could be responsible for 20,000 kittens. From the age of 4 months old they can produce three litters per year. Neutering your cat has many benefits for both male and female cats.



For male cats


  • ,Less incline to roam which decreases the risk of being hit by a car.
  • To avoid him spraying around your home and that of your neighbours.
  • Stop him fighting causing injury and possible contracting Feline Aids or Leukaemia Virus.

For female cats

  • Stop her calling and wailing every time she comes into season.
  • Prevent her attracting tomcats and their smell to your home.
  • Reduce the risk of her developing Mammory Tumours or Pyometra


Alleviate the problem of too many unwanted kittens being born every year and the associated problems of trying to find responsible caring homes for them.


If you live in the following post code area

GL5 GL6 GL8 GL10 GL11 GL12 GL13



and in receipt of Pension Credit, Housing Benefit, Incapacity, Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support, Disability Living Allowance

and need help with the cost of neutering your cat.

Please contact Becca on 07976059908  or at neutering@stroud.cats.org.uk