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Can you offer the security that Moth and Mo need?

29 January 2018
Can you offer the security that Moth and Mo need? We can honestly say that all the cats that we have the pleasure of dealing with are deserving of a new loving home. Every so often there is just one or two that really do tug at your heartstrings though, Moth and Mo certainly fit that bill. These cats simply cannot understand why their life has been completely turned on its head. Having had a poor start in life they were very wary of the unknown so their lifelong companion nurtured them and very soon became their rock, they were safe in their owners care. Sadly due to very poor health their owner can no longer take care of them so made the heartbreaking decision to place them in our care so that we can find 'a new soul mate' to provide the comfort and security that they need. Obviously they cannot comprehend what has happened but very slowly they are beginning to trust their fosterer and will sit for short periods to be fussed. We had a reassuring report back from the vet when they went for their recent MOT's as they said there is no aggression in them it is simply fear. We need to find a patient, experienced home for this beautiful pair where someone is going to allow them to re-adjust in their own time. It will be tiny steps at first but we know that by investing time in them you really will reap the rewards. If you would like further information about Moth and Mo then please don't hesitate to get in touch via their entry on our Adopt a Cat pages or by telephoning 01453 828326