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Mother and daughter, Molly and Polly arrived heavily pregnant. The pair gave birth to 12 kittens but sadly, two didn’t survive.
Then, we made an even more heartbreaking discovery: Polly had lymphoma. This young mum had to be put to sleep only days after her kittens were born.

Molly to the rescue

Incredibly, Molly took on the exhausting task of caring for all 10 kittens. Volunteers at our Gateshead and District Branch gave her a helping hand: supplementing her milk with bottle feeds and giving Molly all of the food she needed to cope.
Thanks to amazing Molly, all 10 kittens survived and have now been rehomed. 

Hundreds more mums like Molly need you

This summer hundreds of pregnant cats, mums with litters and orphaned kittens will arrive at our maternity units.
With a gift today, you could help offer vital care to every mum and kitten. Thank you.

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