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The Family Fur-ever category of the National Cat Awards focuses on cats that go the extra mile for families across the UK. 
The Family Fur-ever category is sponsored by Sure Petcare – award-winning microchip-activated cat flaps and feeders.

Zebby – Family Fur-ever winner and overall National Cat Awards winner

Without any training, intuitive Zebby has become a hearing cat for owner Genevieve, who is deaf and lives alone. Whether it’s the phone ringing, someone at the door or a sound in the night, Zebby will tap Genevieve’s face or pace in front of her, alerting her that she needs to put on her hearing aid.


Quick-thinking Jem is not only a much-loved pet for diabetic teenager Jodie – she’s a lifesaver. The intuitive puss senses when Jodie’s blood sugar is dangerously high or low, and races to alert other members of the family by pacing around in front of them. Normally a shy moggy, loving Jem then refuses to leave Jodie’s side if paramedics are called to assist her.


Loving Milo came into Sue’s life at a difficult time, as she underwent gruelling breast cancer treatment during the pandemic. With the nation in the grip of lockdown, Milo provided the comfort and support Sue needed on her road to recovery. And the caring puss even found time to support family dog Max after an operation – never leaving his side until he was on his paws again.

Thank you to our sponsors Sure Petcare – award-winning microchip-activated cat flaps and feeders.

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