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Celebrating the special bond that has transformed and enriched the lives of both a feline and human.

Category winner - Boris

When Alex, 80, suffered a catastrophic stroke in 2015, it was the thought of being reunited with Boris which kept him going during three months hospital treatment.

So when Boris was hit by a car, Alex was determined he should get everything he needed to recover.

With Alex now confined to bed, Boris is a constant source of comfort and companionship.

Photo credit - Press Association


Caroline and Damon Green were going through the most unbearable time of their lives after their daughter Freyja died at just five-days-old.

But when they discovered a cardboard box containing Bruno and his three litter mates, they couldn’t turn their backs.

And after taking the kittens in, the couple soon found that caring for them was helping them cope with their grief.

Photo credit - Press Association


Having taken in Dixie as a stray, Erin was overjoyed to discover she was also expecting a baby.

Tragically, she lost the baby, and Erin sank into a deep depression. But when Dixie needed to have a leg amputated following a road accident, Erin knew she had to seek help for her depression so she could help Dixie recover.

Photo credit - Press Association

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