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Celebrating the special bond that has transformed and enriched the lives of both a feline and human.


Jethro - Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex

Abigail Knight was told she may never live independently after being discharged from a psychiatric hospital following treatment for serious mental health issues.

But then Jethro arrived and her life was transformed. When Jethro became ill with diabetes and a brain abscess, it was Abi’s turn

Runner up

Douglas - Derby, Derbyshire

Luci Mahon couldn’t help but notice the bedraggled stray on her way home. Painfully thin, with matted fur and covered with fleas, she and her husband Geoff took him in and nursed him back to health.

When Luci became bedridden due to a brain injury as well as ME, Douglas repaid that kindness by becoming her constant companion and support.

Runner up

Spooky - Liverpool, Merseyside

When Lorraine and Dave Reid spotted the stray near their home, they knew they had to help and gave her a happy home.

Two years later Dave became ill when his kidney, previously donated by Lorraine, began to fail and he also developed skin cancer. Yet throughout a difficult recovery, Spooky was to repay their kindness by filling the home with joy.

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